Bidding Instructions (updated 10/05/2015)

>>> Very Important <<<

This is an internet only auction. Bids will be accepted on the auction site and invoices will be sent by email after the auction closes. Please read the bidder instructions below. Register Early!

1. The bidder accepts these conditions of sale and instructions as stated below. Bidder Registration is simple; just click the Register button at the top of the home page or on most other web pages here.

2. Items are sold to the highest bidder. Old Politicals' Buyer's Premium is 15% and added to each invoice for each winning bidder. PayPal is no longer accepted for payments. See #16 below for payment options.

3. Each listed lot has an opening bid which is the minimum bid accepted for that lot. If you are the first person to bid that amount, the item will be sold to you at that price unless someone raises your bid or if you have placed a fixed bid higher than the opening bid. Once a lot has an opening bid, additional bids will be executed in minimum 10% increments rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. This is a real time internet bidding system so bids are immediately updated and posted. At this time telephone bids are not accepted. Only bids placed into the auction software are accepted. Reserves are not generally used in any Old Political internet auction. However, some times reserves will be allowed from consignors for items of special interests. These reserves will always be less than the established estimated value.

4. The auction will close at 9 pm EST on the closing date for each auction. The auction will be governed by a 15 minute rule. The auction will close when 15 minutes has past after the 9 pm EST closing with no bids. The auction is over when there are not bids on any lots after 15 minutes has passed. Bidders who are serious about individual lots will need to submit their best bids prior to auction closing time of 9 pm EST to avoid potential disappointment. The auction will remain open as long as necessary for bidders to decide the winners for lots contained within the auction. Remember all lots and the whole auction will continue as long as there is active bidding. When bidding ceases and 15 minutes has passed with no bids then all lots will close simultaneously. It is extremely important to understand this closing procedure and plan your bidding accordingly.

5. You may place a Bid Ceiling on any lot. In placing your bid simply fill in the amount in the space provided and Old Politicals auction software will automatically bid for you. Your Bid Ceiling will be executed competitively only as they are bid against by other bidders. For example, let us assume you have the current high bid at $1,000 and you have placed a ceiling bid of $1,500. If another bid comes in at $1,100 your ceiling bid will automatically kick in and raise the high bid to $1,210. Remember there is a 10% minimum increment in bidding and it may take a bid by you of more than 10% to exceed the high bid. This process will continue until your Ceiling Bid has been outbid. Your Ceiling Bid will be held in strict confidence by Old Politicals. You will be able to submit a Straight Bid at anytime during the auction. If you have already placed a bid it is possible you will be outbidding yourself. Since there are reasons why this might be part of a strategy this is not prevented by software. 

6. If there are two or more identical bids the earliest bid received will be accepted.

7. Old Politicals Auctions will add an amount to each invoice for packing, material, and postage and all insurance costs on all items. Special mailers are used for each shipment. Insurance is added by Old Politicals Auctions using a 3rd Party Insurance provider for protection of both buyer and seller. Please note that we are required by our insurance provider to place a signature confirmation on each package. Packages that require postage of more than $30 require special handling mostly related to large and/or heavy items. These amounts will be estimated and added to your final invoices. We ship USA orders via US Postal System.  An USPS approved postage insurance vendor is used to purchase insurance and is not reflected in the meter amount fixed to the package. International Shipping will be calculated on a case by case basis and full shipping cost will be charged but only to the extent to recoup our actual cost.

8. North Carolina residents must pay state sales tax of 7% which will be added to the final invoice.

9. Old Politicals or the Consignor reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids by any bidder.

10. Questions about items cannot be answered on the day of the auction. Please call before closing day and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have on any item.

11. The high bid is not a sale until such time as honored by the high bidder. We cannot assume any responsibility for errors made in the amount of your bid. Please check your bids carefully for accuracy before you submit your bid. Significant errors in descriptions or our inability to fill an order are the only causes for a refund. Requests for adjustments must be made within three days of receipt of the items and accompanied by a letter of explanation. Late remittance for purchases, however, is cause to negate this privilege. No returns will be permitted for any reason after settlement is made with the owners of consigned items. We settle with consignors very soon after packages are mailed to winning bidders.

12. If an item is damaged in transit or missing from your order, please retain any packing material and the box or envelope and call us immediately at 919-340-4581.

13. All material is believed genuine and no reproductions or fantasy items are offered in this internet auction.

14. Old Politicals' reserves the right to cancel the auction or re-schedule the closing dates without recourse from any bidder or prospective bidder.

15. Should Old Politicals' be prevented for any reason from delivering any lot to the buyer Old Politicals' liability shall be limited to the amount actually paid for that lot by the buyer.

16. Full payment is due when invoiced after the closing date of the auction. Invoices are delivered in email format. We do not accept PayPal because of their 6 month chargeback rule. Credit cards cannot be processed at this time. Your personal checks, cashiers checks and bank or postal money orders are acceptable forms of payment. Bidders who are new to us will have to wait for their checks to clear before items are shipped. This is also true of any bidder's check large enough for our bank to place a "bank hold" on the funds until the check cleared through the banking system. In this later case we have no control over when the bank releases the funds to us.

17. All bids are contractual obligations and all bidders are obligated to honor their bids as contracts to buy the items involved. Invoices overdue by 14 days or longer may be submitted to an independent collection agency and result in additional liability for legal fees and will jeopardize bidding privileges.